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Mo (lead) - "Wednesday's Child" (working title) - Dir. Geraint D'Arcy, Norwich

The B - "Hidden Spaces" - Dir. Victoria Hoffman, Los Angeles

Nina - "Sophia" - Peter Valentino Prods, Los Angeles

Teacher (lead) - "Common School" - 48 Hr Film Project, Los Angeles

Judy (lead) - "Grand Guignol" - Dir. Andrea Lioy, Jonathan Bowden Productions

Dr Falicia Fairweather (lead) - "The Venus Fly-Trap" - Dir. Andrea Lioy, Jonathan Bowden Productions

Doctor - "Desert Springs" - Dir. Julie Richmond

Penny (lead) - "On The Down" - Dir. Matthew Ford-Jameson

Jess (lead) - "A Bird in the Hand" - Dir. Simon J Parker

Molly (lead) - "The Beginning" - Dir. Nina Schrader-Nielsen


Kate - "The BizNest" - VR Web Series Music Video, Exelauno LLC, Los Angeles

Deena Barry - "The Truth Truth" - Dir. Trace Oakley, Los Angeles

Laura - "Midnight Falls" - Dir. Michael Clark, Los Angeles

Robin Byrd - "Make It Big" - MiB Prods, Los Angeles

Principal - Infomercial - Techno Group, Los Angeles


Clarissa - "The Manitou House" - Dir. Trace Oakley, produced at The Dorie Theatre, Hollywood

Olivia - "The Haunting of Hill House" - Dir. Matthew Austin

Jane - "The Wonderful World of Dissocia" - produced at The Fanatic Salon Theatre, Los Angeles

Anna - "Closer" - Dir. Alex Byrne, produced at The Studio, Cambridge

Rita - "Educating Rita - Imagine Theatre Company

Sarah - "The Lover" - George O'Gorman

Vanity Jane - "Reality Checkpoint" - Imagine Theatre Company, produced at The Princess Theatre, Hunstanton

Beverly - "Abigail’s Party" - Dir. Alex Byrne, produced at The Studio, Cambridge

Lina Lamont - "Singin' in the Rain" - Dir. Kate Morrison

Helena - "A Midsummer Night’s Dream" - Dir. Andy Naylor, produced at West Acre Theatre, Norfolk

Natalie - "Leaving Home" - Dir. Paul Mayer, produced at The Angles Theatre, Wisbech

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